Vijay Chandru


Strand Ramanujam

Strand Ramanujam

In 2012, the founders and management decided to transform Strand into a new generation healthcare company. This bold strategic decision was motivated by the emerging impact of genomics in healthcare and the opportunity for a life sciences company with deep data science capabilities like Strand to push the envelope.

Simputer Team

People’s Computer

The Simputer project grew out of a multi-disciplinary dialogue conducted at the National Institute of Advanced Studies by its director Prof R Narasimha, the venerated social anthropologist Prof MN Srinivas and a dynamic young IAS officer Sanjay Biswas who was the IT Secretary of Karnataka in 1998.

Artificial Intelligence

Automated Theorem Proving, the cornerstone of “Strong AI”, refers to the ability to create intelligent machines that can implement the formal rules of deductive inference (modus ponens and modus tollens) and derive formal inferences from a set of axioms.